Companies no longer have to wait weeks or months for expensive product development teams to plan, spec, build, and test their goods before releasing them. In today’s fast-paced digital age, the ability of businesses to launch their products quickly and affordably and then iterate based on user feedback frequently determines which ones succeed and which ones fail. Veloster Technologies helps you succeed in your projects created with

As a result, you may launch a new product for much less money than you could with traditional development.

Are you curious to find out more about the features of the Bubble platform, the kinds of web apps that are being built on it, and whether it is the best no-code tool for your use case?

Top 10 No Code Apps Built using

Codemap, the world’s first no-code talent marketplace, links business owners, startups, and SMEs with no-code experts, SaaS gurus, and teams. A revolutionary platform that expedites learning, automation, and development processes while providing on-demand no-code knowledge is currently being used by over 2,000 clients from the US, Europe, and other countries and has already matched more than 5,000 projects. Thousands of teams and verified no-code experts have registered on this website. Their selections include:

  • Low- and no-code development
  • Implementing tools and processes through automation and integration of
  • user interface/user experience design
  • coaching, training, and mentoring
  • consulting across a range of fields of knowledge and services

After submitting a request utilizing Codemap’s smart brief, businesses may quickly connect with qualified specialists and hire talent in as little as 48 hours. At Codemap, there is a wide variety of no-code skills available.

Several examples are Webflow designers and developers, Zapier specialists, Hubspot experts, Slack experts, and Airtable experts. Sasa Janicijevic, the founder, utilized code in his first firm before founding Codemap, which proved highly costly and time-consuming. After learning no-code and improving his skills, Sasa was created and released.


Goodgigs was developed for job seekers who are concerned with the environment and their community. It comprises mission-driven businesses seeking candidates for full-time, part-time, freelance, and remote roles. The platform was built using Bubble. The entrepreneur Dale Wilkinson was able to turn his idea into an MVP in a matter of weeks due to the efficiency of no-code. The website has a community where users can network and talk to other professionals who are goal-driven. Members receive weekly email updates with all the exciting new prospects. This is an excellent market for independent contractors and those looking for full-time jobs who want to use their skills with organizations with a purpose. Furthermore, it’s a great place for enterprises to locate employees who share their beliefs.


Making no-code projects teaches business owners how to be more productive and save time. The comprehensive training on how to “create anything without writing code” makes it an essential tool for small firms creating online solutions. The team frequently posts fresh resources, advice, and courses on the website. On forums, there is also a thriving community of individuals who are available for conversation, actively developing and supporting one another’s ideas with solutions. One remarkable no-code firm that generated over $200K in less than a year is an example of this. A no-code stack comprising Webflow, Stripe, Zapier, Airtable, and Convertkit was used in its development. Ben Tossell said earlier in the year 2020 that Makerpad’s MRR had improved by 75% following the achievement of the 1000 pro member milestone.


Income is a platform created to facilitate the expansion of freelancing businesses via the use of straightforward accounting administration. From the proposal until the payment, this technology can be effectively used to streamline the procedure and save time and effort. This simple, intuitive program offers efficient money management. Using Bubble, this platform was totally self-funded and bootstrapped. A straightforward dashboard, eye-catching bills, automation, speedy proposals, etc. are among the key features developed.

Independent contractors can use the dashboard to manage all of their finances, monitor their financial progress, and forecast revenue and other financial KPIs. The inclusion of predictive analytics skills facilitates making wiser decisions. The auto-invoice feature expedites the process and takes online payments right away. The cost of Incomee’s subscription on a monthly basis is $12. Customers may sample the tool for free for 14 days, though. Unlimited invoices, proposals, dashboards, client management, online payments, etc. are all included in the membership.


To learn a language more quickly and easily, you can enroll in classes on the Beelango website. It currently has more than 100,000 users worldwide. Users can learn to read, write, and speak a variety of languages. In contrast to other language learning programs, Beelango gives its users unique activities. One hundred various exercises are all geared towards assisting you in learning the language of your choice. There is an interactive element in every course.

There are examinations, exercises, and recorded movies available. Even real-life films are shown to students by native speakers. Then you can practice imitating phonics, syllables, and dialects in other exercises. The speech recognition and recording exercises in Beelango are the best.


Using data-driven insight and matchmaking magic, Reacher is a platform for collaboration that connects companies with influencers in the UAE and MENA to create engaging and successful marketing campaigns. They make it exceedingly easy for both authors and businesses with their screening procedure, effective cash management, analytics & reporting, etc. Building and executing an influencer campaign is as easy as remembering the numbers 1-2-3: establish the strategy, discover the appropriate partners, and collaborate. Reachr manages or automates several tasks that are required from beginning to end, saving businesses and influencers a tonne of time and hassle.

Among the services offered are:

  • Personalized approach to entering a new market
  • ideal partnering of influencers and brands
  • detailed campaign reports
  • Analytics Direct assistance

Within a few weeks, the entire platform was transferred to Bubble. In addition, additional features were included at the same time.


The app Dripdrop was created using Bubble to assist kids in reducing their screen use. It’s an app that allows parents and kids to trade items. How does it work? It is a simple concept. Parents can give their children and teenagers anything they want. Then they would have to do what their parents wanted. If a child wants to play video games, for instance, they can trade that time with their parents for a meditation session.

The purpose of this software is to help parents support their children in developing positive habits, enhancing their mental health, and reducing their screen use. Using this app, parents can connect with knowledgeable experts and coaches, like psychologists, athletes, musicians, etc. After finishing, the kids get the gift they wanted.


Over 6,000 creators participate in the community of Nucode to learn, create, and distribute products. Nucode, built on Bubble, aims to be an online community in the purest sense. In addition to classes, participants may see each other’s profiles, organize meetups, display their goods, and work together to create items. The best thing is that it is free!

Three points

To aid users in leading carbon-neutral lives, Treepoint was developed. You can participate in campaigns to counteract climate change on the website. It can also be used to calculate your personal carbon emissions. The calculator was created using research data from the WWF, UC Berkeley, and the World Bank. Users can also learn about and take part in a wide range of climate initiatives, such as initiatives to cut carbon emissions, plant trees, raise money, and recycle plastic.

The platform also gives you access to tools for evaluating the results of your efforts and rewarding yourself for them. The complete platform was built using Bubble and is now fully functional. As a reputable social enterprise, Treepoint gives at least 50% of its earnings to a variety of environmental issues.


Think Confluent is an AI personal assistant that instantly alerts you to the team’s most critical issues and has a deep awareness of each team member to help them perform at their peak. The tool is available to any employee, allowing them to design the ideal working environment. On top of a smartly combined foundation of machine learning, neurosciences, and natural language processing, this system is built utilizing Bubble.

Utilizing Think Confluent, employees may design a work environment that is tailored to their needs, cultural preferences, and personality. Then, they can communicate with their managers by taking part in open custom pulses where they can share their concerns, doubts, and victories via voice, video, and text.